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  • "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print QUICK VIEW "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print Out of stock

    "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Pencil and watercolour sketches of brown hares bouncing along. The images have been made available as a short run brown hare limited edition print. Brown Hares Sketch Picture No. 570...
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  • "Kale Stems & Hares" Print QUICK VIEW "Kale Stems & Hares" Print from £85.00

    "Kale Stems & Hares" Print


    Print of brown hares reproduced from an original watercolour depicting a pair of hares grazing head to head. The field is littered with old kale stems chewed off some time...
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  • "Sunbathing Hare" - Limited Edition Print QUICK VIEW "Sunbathing Hare" - Limited Edition Print £65.00

    "Sunbathing Hare" - Limited Edition Print

    Ordering Options:  UNFRAMED Image size: 8 x 13 inches (21 x 34cm) approx.432P

    Reproduced from an original watercolour this print of a brown hare depicts a solitary sunbathing hare in rough grassland. The hare is enjoying the warmth of the sun.Sunbathing Brown Hare...
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