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Here is our selection of otter pictures. Shop for prints of otters.
  • "Lednock Burn" Otter Print QUICK VIEW "Lednock Burn" Otter Print from £120.00

    "Lednock Burn" Otter Print


    A wildlife print by Martin Ridley. "Lednock Burn" is a print of  a European otter making its way up the Lednock burn. The boulders in the burn are caught by...
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  • "Loch Spelve Otters" Print QUICK VIEW "Loch Spelve Otters" Print from £135.00

    "Loch Spelve Otters" Print


    Canvas print depicting a mother otter and her two cubs approaching the waters edge. The otters are European otters, (Lutra lutra). The painting was created following a trip to the...
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  • "The Pursuit" Sea Trout & Otter Print QUICK VIEW "The Pursuit" Sea Trout & Otter Print £51.00

    "The Pursuit" Sea Trout & Otter Print

    Ordering Options:  UNFRAMED Image size: 10 x 12 inches (25 x 31cm) approx.335P

    Print from a painting depicting an underwater view of an otter pursuing a sea trout. Shafts of light are filtering down between column of bladder wrack seaweed. Otter Pursuit Picture...
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  • "Watchful Mother"  Swimming Otter and Cubs Print QUICK VIEW "Watchful Mother" Swimming Otter and Cubs Print from £245.00

    "Watchful Mother" Swimming Otter and Cubs Print


    European female otter and her two cubs swimming in Loch Scridain at the foot of Ben More on Mull. Otter cubs are able to swim from about 10 weeks old...
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  • "Youngster" Otter Print QUICK VIEW "Youngster" Otter Print from £135.00

    "Youngster" Otter Print


    Canvas print depicting a young otter beside the water. The otter is a European otter, (Lutra lutra). Otter Picture No. 268 1. UNFRAMED CANVAS PRINTS  Canvas print with a protective...
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