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Here are some artworks that we would like to bring to your attention
  • "Out on a Limb" Red Squirrel Print QUICK VIEW "Out on a Limb" Red Squirrel Print from £110.00

    "Out on a Limb" Red Squirrel Print


    "Out on a Limb" is a print of a red squirrel using its bushy tail to balance on the thin tip of a lichen encrusted branch. This squirrel picture is...
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  • "Over the thistles" Barn Owl Print QUICK VIEW "Over the thistles" Barn Owl Print from £145.00

    "Over the thistles" Barn Owl Print


    A print of a barn owl hunting over over thistle seed heads in late summer evening.  Hovering Barn Owl Picture No. 680 1. UNFRAMED CANVAS PRINTS  Canvas print with a...
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  • "Pouncing Fox" Red Fox in Snow QUICK VIEW "Pouncing Fox" Red Fox in Snow from £165.00

    "Pouncing Fox" Red Fox in Snow


    A picture of a red fox hunting for voles  on a sunny frosty morning, pouncing into snow encrusted grass. Pouncing Red Fox Picture No. 669 1. UNFRAMED CANVAS PRINTS  Canvas...
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  • "Skinburness" Skeins of Geese Print QUICK VIEW "Skinburness" Skeins of Geese Print £95.00

    "Skinburness" Skeins of Geese Print


    Flocks of pink-footed geese in flight over the Solway Firth. Witnessing hundreds of wild geese passing over head against the back-drop of a dramatic stormy sky is an experience that...
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  • "Slioch in Winter"  Scottish Mountain Landscape Print QUICK VIEW "Slioch in Winter" Scottish Mountain Landscape Print from £210.00

    "Slioch in Winter" Scottish Mountain Landscape Print


    A dramatic picture of the imposing Scottish mountain Slioch, located beside Loch Maree to the north of Kinlochewe. Two golden eagles can be seen soaring over the wilderness. "Slioch in Winter" Scottish...
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  • "Sron Riach" Hunting Golden Eagle QUICK VIEW "Sron Riach" Hunting Golden Eagle from £195.00

    "Sron Riach" Hunting Golden Eagle


    Print of a hunting golden eagle. The eagle is soaring up above Sron Riach on Ben Macdui one of Scotlands highest mountains. A fearce wind blows the spindrift across the...
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