Mammal Artwork

Shop for prints of mammals. Here is our selection of mammal pictures.
  • "Bellowing Stag" Roaring Red Deer Stag QUICK VIEW "Bellowing Stag" Roaring Red Deer Stag from £125.00

    "Bellowing Stag" Roaring Red Deer Stag


    A wildlife print depicting a solitary stag bellowing during the red deer rut. The sun is just burning off the mist revealing the stag making all the noise. Red deer...
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  • "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print QUICK VIEW "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print Out of stock

    "Bouncing Along" Brown Hares Print


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Pencil and watercolour sketches of brown hares bouncing along. The images have been made available as a short run brown hare limited edition print. Brown Hares Sketch Picture No. 570...
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  • "Boxing Hares" Brown Hare Prints QUICK VIEW "Boxing Hares" Brown Hare Prints from £195.00

    "Boxing Hares" Brown Hare Prints


    A picture of two brown hares engaged in the classic hare behaviour of "boxing". Normally a shy animal, the European brown hare changes its behavior in spring, (probably the origin...
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  • "Contenders" Red Deer Stags Print QUICK VIEW "Contenders" Red Deer Stags Print from £145.00

    "Contenders" Red Deer Stags Print


    A wildlife print depicting two rutting red deer stags. They are parallel walking as they size one another up. From further up the slope a group of hinds watch the...
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  • "Druim Fada", Red Deer Picture QUICK VIEW "Druim Fada", Red Deer Picture from £130.00

    "Druim Fada", Red Deer Picture


    A wildlife print depicting a herd of red deer during the rutting season. The roaring stag lays claim over his harem of hinds. The mountain behind is Druim Fada above...
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  • "Early Snow -  Roe Buck" Print QUICK VIEW "Early Snow - Roe Buck" Print from £125.00

    "Early Snow - Roe Buck" Print


    Roe buck print for sale. By late November the silver birches have been stripped of leaves and an early winter storm has deposited a covering of snow. This roe buck...
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